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The Parker Jordan Metropolitan District (PJMD) is a governmental entity governed by a five member Board of Directors. PJMD was created in 1985 for the purpose of providing streets, safety protection controls, park and recreation facilities, storm, flood and drainage facilities and transportation facilities for the property owners. The District encompasses approximately 1,080 acres in southern Arapahoe County. The District boundaries are Arapahoe Road (N), Parker Road (E), the Arapahoe/Douglas County line (S) and Jordan Road (W).  These boundaries are shown on the District Map page.  

Currently, PJMD maintains the landscaped medians on Jordan Road from Arapahoe Road to the Arapahoe/Douglas County line and the landscaped medians on East Fremont and East Hinsdale Streets in the Cherry Creek Business Park . The Dove Valley Metropolitan District on the west side of Jordan Road reimburses PJMD for one half of these costs since the west side is not within the PJMD boundaries. PJMD also maintains the landscaped medians in Broncos Parkway from Jordan Road to Parker Road at entirely the District’s cost. 

2022 Small Business Grants

Businesses Awarded in 2021:
1. Spark K-9
​2. Tagawa Gardens
3. Arapahoe Rescue Patrol, Inc.

Businesses Awarded in 2020:
1. SECOR Cares
2. BAI Engineers

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