The District was created in 1985 for the purpose of providing streets, safety protection controls, park and recreation facilities, storm, flood and drainage facilities and transportation facilities for the property owners within the District. It encompasses approximately 1,080 acres in southern Arapahoe County.  The District boundaries are Arapahoe Road (N), Parker Road (E), the Arapahoe/Douglas County line (S) and Jordan Road (W).  These boundaries are shown on the District Map page.

The District maintains the landscaped medians in Jordan Road from Arapahoe Road to the Arapahoe/Douglas County line. The Dove Valley Metropolitan District on the west side of Jordan Road reimburses PJMD for one half of these costs since the west side is not within the PJMD boundaries. PJMD also maintains the landscaped medians in Broncos Parkway from Jordan Road to Parker Road at entirely the District’s cost. PJMD owns the 107 acre PJCOS jointly with the City of Centennial and PJMD is the managing partner for maintenance. The City reimburses PJMD for one half of the annual PJCOS maintenance costs.

Effective February 1, 2015, Arapahoe County Open Spaces is providing maintenance for PJCOS. Please see the Projects page for more information.

The required 2015 ERO report found the District in compliance with all required mitigation measures in the PJCOS except for a slight excess of Category B and C weeds in the overall plant cover. This is being addressed. The complete report is contained below.

     ERO Monitoring Report 2015

The District’s environmental resources consultant ERO conducted the required 2014 annual review of the District’s completed Cherry Creek stream and open space mitigation completed in 2012 and found that the work met or exceeded all of the Corps of Engineer and SEMSWA requirements. Attached below is their report.

     ERO Monitoring Report 2014

     PJMD Maintenance Easements


The District has no full time employees. The Board of Directors entered into an agreement with CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP to provide day to day management of the District under the direction of Mr. Bob Blodgett.

Partners and Service Providers

The District hires independent consultants through separate agreements for the services listed below.

    CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
Management and Accounting
    Keesen Landscape Management
Landscape Maintenance
    Spencer Fane
District Counsel
    J3 Engineering Consultants
Stormwater Engineer
    Mulhern MRE, Inc.
District Engineer
    Valerian LLC
Landscape Design and Planning
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