“The Board’s priority is paying off the District’s debt as soon as possible. During 2020 they authorized the transfer of available funds from reserves in order to pay off two separate bond issues.  As a result, effective 12/02/2020, the District will have only one bond issuance outstanding with an interest rate of 2.38% and a final maturity date of 12/01/2027.  The District will be evaluating options to pay this debt before the scheduled maturity date as part of the annual budget process.”  
  The 2020 Budget with Compilation Report and the End of Year 2019 Financial Statement with Independent Auditors' Report documents are available below in PDF format.  
    2021 Budget   2019 Financial Statement with 2020 Auditors Report  
  Other Financial Documents  
       2020 Budget  
       2019 Budget  
       2018 Budget  
       2019 Financial Statement with Auditors' Report 2020-07-28  
       2018 Financial Statement with Auditors' Report 2019-07-18  
       2017 Financial Statement with Auditors' Report 2018-06-08  
       2015 Series-2015 $5,165,000 Bond Documents   (Note: Large file will take extra time to download)  
       2015 Sources and Uses of Funds General Obligation Refunding and Tax Free Loan Issue Series-2015  
       2015 General Obligation Refunding and Improvement Bonds Final Closing Memo 2015-06-19  
       2013 Completed Reserve Analysis  
       2012 General Obligation Refunding Notes $3,315,000 Series-A $8,330,000 Series-B 2012-06-13  
  2012-07-24  Board member Bill Lamberton, DA Davidson Senior Vice President Tom Bishop, former Board member Allen Keesen and President Norman Sheldon celebrate the successful refinancing of approximately $12 million of District bonds at a lower interest rate with a long term bank loan.  
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