Arapahoe Road Low Water Crossing Bridge

A collaborative effort was made to coordinate the steps and requirements for closing the remaining gaps in the Cherry Creek Trail from Cherry Creek State Park south to the County Line. As a contribution to this effort, Parker Jordan Metro District has agreed to take on the design, partial funding and construction of the Arapahoe Road Low Water Crossing. This project constitutes one of the last remaining projects that will provide connectivity from Confluence Park in downtown Denver to Castlewood Canyon in Douglas County.

This project is located 1/3 mile south of Arapahoe Road, immediately adjacent to the Storm Soccer Fields. Until this project is completed, there is one third mile remaining of unfinished access to the Low Water Crossing. This project, in conjunction with the future trail extension and Arapahoe Road Trailhead and trail underpass project by Arapahoe County and the City of Aurora, will supplement the need for an at grade crossing at Arapahoe Road.

The District was a grant recipient from Arapahoe County Open Space in 2010 for this project. It is working with Aurora, and CDOT on the funding and construction of a section of trail that is not in the District's project, but is needed to complete the connectivity.

Construction for this Arapahoe Road Low Water Crossing was completed and officially dedicated and opened to the public on August 4, 2012.


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